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The 3rd brake light on the back of the cab is leaking water on newer Ford trucks, knows this and should do a recall to fix all and make repeat customers smile for once. This is a very common problem, there is even a FORD TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) issued, yet, unless you have under 36,000 miles, FORD will not repair and the leak causes damages to roof liner, seats and carpet. I put 23,000 miles on my truck in less than a year due to helping my oldest son move and deaths in the family.

FORD needs to make this right, Ive always been a FORD man, but, maybe not next time.


Review about: Ford Repair.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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North Richland Hills, Texas, United States #1346020

I have a 2010 F150 FX2 with 125k miles. I was just made aware of the leaking and staining in the rear corners of the cab by a back seat passenger.

I began searching the internet for similar problems and was shocked to see hundreds of posts with the same problem!

In every post it seems Ford screwed them over by refusing to fix it. I was going to purchase a new Ford truck soon, but I think I will reconsider.


Ford needs a lawsuit against them on this. My 2010 king ranch has rotted out rocker panels due to these issues


Same problem with my 2010 F150 , the seal has failed around 3rd brake light and allowing water to enter passenger compartment and stain the roof liner , no new seal available , new assembly with fresh seal is $168 . This will be my last Ford!!!!! Richard

Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #1180321

2010 back break light leaks, both sides wet inside and also rust bubbles from water on the bottom of both lower quarter panels behind 2nd door's on each side. It's of course going to rust cause it's FULL of water from the leak.

Will anyone fix it from FORD I think not! Time to look elsewhere!!!


In search of any suggestions about fixing our 2010 F150 cab light that is leaking. Of course because it is out of warranty Ford does not care.

The headliner is stained and drips water every time it rains. Now the smell of mildew is unbearable and I can't imagine as being good for breathing.

I consider this to be a manufacture defect and Ford should cover it!!! This will be our last Ford!!

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States #1127106

I have a 2015 FORD F150 vehicle that has about 2,000 miles on it and started smelling like mold , there is water under the rear cab rug vehicle is at dealership for repair. Called ford customer service and they seem like they don't care, had 5 GM truck before first and last ford truck i buy

Harker Heights, Texas, United States #1059800

I just got my 2010 F-150 out of the shop.Not only did I have the 3rd brake light leaking, but the satellite antenna as well.

While Ford does have a tech bulletin to fix the brake light ( #10-4-7) it only covers vehicles make before 18 Jan 2010. My truck was made in March 2010.

Dealer wanted $740 to fix the problems. The parts only cost $188.00 so you can see Ford really jacked up the labor cost on these.

I opted to let the dealer replace the antenna, and when they pulled it off it was covered with silicone, which is what the Technical bulletin tells the dealers to do. Of course I purchased my truck new, so apparently after Jan 18, 2010 the factory started to apply the silicone at that time. Also the Tech Bulletin calls for free repair as long as vehicle is within basic warranty 36/3.

If failure occurs outside of warranty time period the extended warranties will not pay to fix the problems.

My truck only has 31,600 miles. I purchased a Ford brake light for $100. from out of state, because it was cheaper, but you can purchase an aftermarket light for around $35.00. You would have thought that someone would have made a new gasket for the break lights by now, instead you either have to make a gasket, or buy a new light, and while the silicone many work for a while it will fail in time, especially in area as hot as Texas.

I like my truck and take good care of it, normally I just shell out the cost of repairs, with out question, especially when it is the cost of normal wear and tear.

These leaks are not normal were and tear, but a design flaw. Ford isn't going to issue a recall or they would have done so by now.

I did contact Ford, I did make a complaint and they did give me a case number, and told me to check with my dealer in a few days, explaining that there many be a Program between the dealer and Ford to pay for all of some of my repair cost.

I don't really expect Ford to reimburse me for this repair. This was to be my last vehicle, ( as I am getting up in age), but I may go buy that new Silverado now and be done with Ford trucks for good.


I used linkedin to contact a regional manager of customer service, and I just sent him a message and a link to a YouTube video if this occurring (not mine), but mine leaks enough as well. I have a 2010 F150 Ext cab.

I had 34k miles on my truck when I went in and my warranty covers me to 49k miles, as I bought an ext warranty when I bought the truck with @ 13k miles. Seriously Ford, if you can't handle fixing something simple like this on your dime, why should I consider buying your 2015 model?

to Anonymous Harker Heights, Texas, United States #1059790

You don't want the 2015 model, it already has 5 recalls on it.

Charleston, West Virginia, United States #962623

We need to file a class action against Ford for not recalling f-150 pickups due to water leaks from defective 3rd tail light seal and rear window seals. There are thousands of us.

League City, Texas, United States #935781

Thanks to everyone for reporting this problem. My 2010 F150 Supercab w/ 80000 miles on it just started leaking after some heavy rain here in Houston, TX.

I'm also a Corporate Fleet Buyer that buys a lot of Ford trucks and will also take this up with our Ford reps. Buyers have to be vocal about this stuff!!!!

Wilmington, Massachusetts, United States #907978

Just noticed mine leaking last week during some heavy rain. My daughter noticed her car seat was wet.

I now have a stain in each corner of the back. It seems I am not the only one with this issue.

It seems to be a common problem with a seemingly easy solution. It's nice to see all these people with a frustrating problem, come together to help each other.

Daytona Beach, Florida, United States #841037

2010 F150 Supercrew XLT 4x4, cost me a pretty penny brand new, truck is mint, I intended on gifting it to my son when he turns 16. Every single time it rains, my check engine light comes on and now water is leaking down the back headliner and all over the seats, staining the headliner and the seats in the process.

It's a shame, it really is, I have always been a Ford truck man, but this kinda crosses the line.

I will still gift it to my son, teenagers abuse vehicles anyways, but my next truck will be a Chevrolet. At least they stand behind their issues.


2005 F150, same issue. It knocked out the Body Security Module.

So I get to pay some insane rate no doubt to have something fixed caused by Ford's quality issue.

Cherry Log, Georgia, United States #817674

I have the same problem!!!

Marietta, Georgia, United States #766047

Same thing... Leaks and stains, Very upset!

I do have under 35,000 but more than 3 years so it's not covered. Customer service is giving the run around and the dealer says he's replaced over 70 and that they now just keep a replacement in stock because it's requested so often. My direct family has a 2013 Mustang, a 2010 F150, a 2005 Ranger, and a 2002 Ecoline conversion van... We have always been a Ford family but a leak on a 4 year old mint condition truck is totally unexceptable.

The government is not going to issue a recall as it isn't a safety concern but Ford needs to step up to the plate and fix a design flaw.


Just Had Mine Done!! The Snow Melted and Next thing Ya Know The Roof Liner is Holding a Lot of H2O!!!

108 is what it cost Me.. was actually 200 but the Dealer ship said they'd pay the Difference!!!!

Canton, Michigan, United States #691574

Just discovered mine is leaking too - it has stained the headliner. Had the truck for 3 years, bought the warranty out to 75K, truck has 50K on in right now.

Warranty won't cover, and as a kicker, I have to pay $150.00 to have my cap removed and then re-installed after the dealership does the work. Have to drive 30+ mile round trip twice to the cap dealer to have it removed, to the Ford dealer, back to cap dealer to get it re-installed.

What a joke. Ford warranty is a joke.


Just had to seal mine with silicone, 2009 with 48K Was okay until started raining hard this month. Inside got wet and it smells.

Foam oem gasket is not a good design.

Waiting to see how Ford responds to all these new F-150's City just bought, a slug of them should start leaking 2015. Deal is our shop fixes the stuff, Ford reimburses us like a dealer. See how the handle this one....

Yes, Sirius antenna was leaking too, dripping out of the grab handle--weird. Fixing that with silicone myself, tired of dealers screwing around.

to Richard at City of Seattle Sho #1533889

I have a 2016 F-150. Water leaked around the 3rd break light and ran behind the back passenger seat.

The seat and carpet got wet. The dealer warranty wouldn't cover it.

The truck has only 18,005 miles on it. Cost me $175.00 ,VERY UPSET!!!!!!!

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